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Kari Burandt

Kari has always had a love of horses and teaching. She has a B.S. in Biology from Missouri State University and certification to teach secondary education in life science, general science, and biology.  She has always been involved with teaching in some form or another.  She has taught science to middle school students, Sunday School to pre-school students, and STEM classes to students of all ages.


Kari and her husband have two children, one of whom has autism, frontal lobe disorder, seizures, and motor apraxia.  In searching for a way to connect with their youngest and help him connect with his world, she found the power of the horse through equine-assisted activites and therapies.  Kari began calling Misty River home several years ago as she found an amazing barn family that was very accepting of riders with disabilities.  


She began teaching CHA lessons and pony pals while working on her certification for equine therapy. Kari is now a PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor. She loves that she can bring two of her passions, horses and teaching, together to make a difference in the lives of everyone she meets.

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