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Our History

Misty River had its beginning in 1985 directly southwest of its present location. Cindy M. Boehm, then a single mom with two young sons, leased a pre-civil war house, barns and about 150 acres of pasture land along the Little Blue River.

The young family began building fence and working hard to slowly convert the old hog and cattle barns into stables. Cindy worked at a 40 hour job and carried a full load at a local community college, so sleeping time became a rare commodity during those early years. Soon, they had a family side business of boarding horses and teaching a few riding lessons. Cindy’s sons helped care for the horses, chickens, and one cow.

The years passed and Cindy met and married Ronald Strahm. The little family side business had grown into a substantial service of providing care for 100 horses! So, 40 acres were purchased across the road, and the current Misty River Equestrian Center property began!

At the start of April 2017, the barn changed ownership to Kerry and Stacey Eikenbary. Their twin daughters, Kara and Kaitlyn, started their horse journey right here when they were 7 years old and now Kara is back after graduating from William Woods University, working as Manager of the facility. Kasey Rush joined on as Assistant Manager in April 2022.

The most interesting aspect of Misty River is the hundreds of people and horses that have come and gone over the years. Some have worked at the facility as care-takers of the horses, office help, assistant managers, instructors… and school horses. Many have come to learn how to ride, or to be trained to carry riders, or just to play! All have helped to make up the facilities' bright and colorful history. The story still unfolds as each day horses and people mingle and produce the excitement and energy that creates the ongoing saga of the Misty River Equestrian Center!

Management Staff

The Eikenbary family purchased the facility on April 1, 2017. Kerry, Stacey, and Kara Eikenbary are the owners of Misty River. Kerry and Stacey (left) are often seen at the barn fixing various things on the weekends. Kara (middle right) is the manager of the facility and Kasey Rush (not pictured) is the Assistant Manager. Kasey joined the team April 1, 2022.

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