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Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is an equine-assisted activity that provides individuals, with special needs, a unique opportunity to improve their mental, emotional, physical, and developmental abilities.  By interacting with a horse, an individual gains confidence, learns new skills, and establishes a bond with the horse.

Misty River Equestrian Center offers both 30-minute and 60-minute private therapeutic riding sessions to individuals age 5-adult.  All sessions are taught by a PATH certified instructor.  Our instructor also maintains CPR and First Aid certifications, along with continuing education each year to stay current. 

Our goal is to teach horsemanship and help improve a variety of life skills in a fun, safe, and interactive environment.  


Please note, there is not a therapist on staff.  These are therapeutic riding classes, teaching horsemanship skills.  Therapeutic riding classes are taught with modifications to meet the riders needs, but in the context of learning horsemanship skills.



  • Improved Balance

  • Emotional Stability

  • Sensory Integration

  • Coordination           

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Improved Risk Taking

  • Improved Attention

  • Reduction of Abnormal Movement Patterns

  • Increased Interest in Outside World

  • Patience

  • Flexibility

  • Self Esteem


How to Get Started

Students must wear boots with a 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch heel, long pants, and an ASTM/SEI certified horseback riding helmet for each lesson.  Long hair will need to be put low for the helmet to fit safely.  Long necklaces and scarves cannot be worn.

At this time, we are unable to safely accommodate riders exceeding 200lbs.  Prior to or at your first lesson, heights and weights will be requested in order to provide each rider with a suitable horse.

A scheduled in person visit or phone interview will need to be conducted to determine if we can safely accommodate the needs of the rider.

Lesson Fees:

30-minute: $30

60-minute: $60












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