Maddison Black

Maddison has been a “horse crazy” girl since she can remember. She began by taking lessons as soon as she was able, and would never stop riding. After a series of private lessons, she got her own horse, a black mare named Glory, at age 11 and joined the local Pony Club where she tried riding English for the first time. It was with Pony Club that she gained a solid foundation in horsemanship and riding. When family and friends would come to visit, she would not hesitate to put them on her pony and show them the basics. Seeing people discover how awesome horses are for the first time has always brought her great happiness.


Into her early teens she joined 4H as well and started going to various events from barrel racing to fox hunting. In fact, there aren’t many horse sports she hasn’t tried, or types of horses she hasn’t ridden! She has always jumped at the opportunity to ride any horse, and listen to anyone who would share their knowledge. She has ridden Draft horses, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, ponies, cobs, Arabians and so much more of all shapes, sizes and training levels. She has also learned under instructors with various specialties and methods of both horse training and rider instruction. 


Maddison found that eventing is her favorite discipline and hopes to continue improving herself and specializing in that sport. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach at Misty River so she can share what she has learned, and show others the joy of riding!